Welcome to Smart Symphony

1. Introduction:
Welcome to the most paradoxical game ever! By playing our game, you agree to this Terms of Service (ToS), which makes complete sense, in a nonsensical way. Remember, it’s just a game!

2. Disclaimer of Liability:
The owner of this software, yours truly, is not responsible for anything. Literally anything. If you trip over a blade of grass or get a paper cut from our game box, not our problem. You’re on your own, adventurer!

3. User Responsibilities:

  • Be Careful and Respectful: Treat yourself and the environment like delicate china. Break neither.
  • Know Your Boundaries: If you feel like climbing a mountain while playing, maybe don’t. Listen to that little voice inside your head (unless it’s telling you to climb the mountain).
  • Physical Contact: This game creates connection, including physical connection with your hands, arms and shoulders …and maybe even with your soul.

4. Opt-Out Freedom:
At any point, feel free to just walk away. No apologies needed. If you’re mid-hand-touch and want to bail to eat a sandwich, go for it. We support your sandwich-eating endeavors.

5. The Essence of the Game:

  • Creating Connection: Find unity through awkward hand touches, shoulder pats and liberating your voice.
  • Movement & Sound: Move like you’ve never moved before (which might be standing still). Make sounds – any sounds. Dolphin noises? Sure. Opera singing? Why not!
  • Resonating Together: Vibe in the space. Literally. Feel the energy, or don’t. It’s your call.

6. Additional Clauses:

  • No Llamas: Sorry, no llamas allowed in the game. They’re just too unpredictable.
  • Space-Time Continuum: If you somehow disrupt the space-time continuum, please reset it before leaving the game. We like our universe as it is.

7. Agreement:
By playing, you acknowledge that this ToS is absurd yet imperative. You promise to uphold the spirit of the game, which is essentially about having fun in the most confusing way possible.

Play at your own risk, enjoy the nonsensical sense, and remember, it’s all about the connection – whether you’re connecting or respectfully not connecting. Happy gaming! 🎲🌌