This web-app allows to precisely synchronize multiple audio streams. Because it is web based it is working on all operating systems. Connect an infinite amount of smartphones, tablets, or computers and stream different audio-content to each receiver. You can set a number of groups, that will receive the same channel, but also address individual channels to single or all receivers. By sending coordinated instructions to each receiver you can generate choreographies, to direct instant interactive performances, flashmobs, audio-games or simply to create a silent disco, with multiple dance-floors. It is also possible to use this software to produce multichannel music, played back through multiple speakers of different devices. Each receiver has to have an internet connection, but it is also possible to use an intranet-solution, streaming the content directly from a laptop through a local wifi-hotspot, even at sights without internet-connection. The person who starts an audio-game can invite their friends to join their game by QR-code, whatsApp, SMS or sharing the specific game code. It is even possible to activate a paywall and set a price that people have to pay before they can start a game. Also games can be fixed to specific geo-locations using virtual GPS fences.