Bam— Fresh from the lab: The digital MDMA —

Imagine all the people will be as one!

Bämory is an audio-guided group game, which plays you into different groove-missions with the others to interconnect and explore togetherness in new ways.
Connect your little BÄM! with all the other little BÄM!s to become one big BÄÄÄM!

45min/ engl./ 8 – ∞ players
!!! You will need at least 8 people to play this game – but the more the BÄM! !!!
!!!Everybody needs a smartphone and headphones!!!


…and follow the instructions to invite your friends!

.„The Bämory is a tool for human interaction, crossing disciplines, and moving beyond the jurisdiction of “art” creating a limitless space of  play where all social boundaries can be broken down. The work is a closed system, with all participants activated at different times forming a choreography between players that is left up to how the verbal prompts are interpreted through physical movement. This aspect of the Bämory is what allows every session to be a completely unique physical and visual experience. The work is powerful in creating an environment of semi-curated experience, allowing enough space for creativity in movement and physicality, but it has enough guidance to avoid user-confusion. At a time in society when we feel the most physically distant from each other the Bämory acts as a tool to recreate connectivity between humans.“ – Jackie Riccio, Organizer of The Palace Arts Festival