These audio-games require headphones!

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Bämory -TheSilentDiscoDanceOrgy
Imagine all the people will be as one!

Bämory is an audio-guided group game, which plays you into different groove-missions to interconnect and explore togetherness in new ways.
-start the game and follow the instructions to invite a group of friends to bäm it! Everyone needs a smart- and headphones. (8 people minimum – the more the B Ä M ! )

„The Bämory is a tool for human interaction, crossing disciplines, and moving beyond the jurisdiction of “art” creating a limitless space of play where all social boundaries can be broken down. The work is a closed system, with all participants activated at different times forming a choreography between players that is left up to how the verbal prompts are interpreted through physical movement. This aspect of the Bämory is what allows every session to be a completely unique physical and visual experience. The work is powerful in creating an environment of semi-curated experience, allowing enough space for creativity in movement and physicality, but it has enough guidance to avoid user-confusion. At a time in society when we feel the most physically distant from each other the Bämory acts as a tool to recreate connectivity between humans.“ – Jackie Riccio, Organizer of The Palace Arts Festival

Bämory Trailer

Other prototype audio-games:

Imagine you could meet someone without all that masks and blabla! Becaome an embassador of a blinddate! Start this game and follow the instructions to invite two friends or strangers, who will be told to close their eyes as soon the game starts. You will take their hands and bring them together to give them the chance to meet without sight. Choose wisely!

…get some straws and paper to play this shooter. Just improvise and create your own missions.

…this audio-game can be played without headphones and just one phone. It transforms your phone into an acoustic timed bomb – pass it around till it blows someone up.